NCGWA’s Mission and Activities


The North Carolina Ground Water Association was established in 1946. It is the only organization that specifically represents the professional and business interests of the North Carolina water well contractor and pump installer while, at the same time, supporting scientific and educational measures designed to preserve the natural resources upon which the industry is based. Therefore, the purposes of the Association are:

  • To assist, promote, encourage, and support the interests and welfare of the ground water industry in all of its phases within the State of North Carolina.
  • To foster, aid, and promote scientific education, standardization, research, and development in order to improve methods of well construction, and to advance the science of ground water hydrology.
  • To promote harmony and cooperation between the ground water industry and governmental and scientific agencies relative to the proper development, utilization, and protection of underground water supplies.
  • To encourage cooperation of all interested groups relative to the improvement of drilling and pumping equipment.
  • To collect, analyze, and disseminate to the public, facts about the utilization and protection of ground water, and about the role of the ground water industry in the economy of the State of North Carolina and the Nation.
  • To advance generally the mutual interest of all those engaged in the ground water industry.
  • Mission statement –  provide, protect and preserve the ground water and its professionals.


Affiliations include membership and cooperation with the National Ground Water Association, and association with the South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee. Both of these organizations possess missions similar to North Carolina Ground Water Association.



Membership in North Carolina Ground Water Association was at approximately 900 in 2001.


North Carolina Ground Water Association offers continuing education classes on various subjects relating to the ground water industry at a reduced cost to its members. This enables the members to stay current on up-to-date information, as well as giving them continuing education hours that count towards their required hours with the Ground Water Commission for retaining certification. In 2001, North Carolina Ground Water Association provided continuing education for 800 people in the industry.

Additional services for members include:

  • Subscription to the newsletter ‘Water Words’.
  • Benefits of a regulatory/legislative watch by the Association to alert members to changes that effect the industry.
  • Opportunities to have input into statewide legislation and regulation.
  • Assistance to contractors in educating the general public on the safety of ground water and the need to protect it by proper well construction techniques.
  • Registration discounts for the NCGWA Winter Conference and Trade Show, NCGWA Fall Meeting, and the South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee.
  • National Ground Water Association certification opportunities, educational workshops, and training sessions.